Shine Delivery LLC is awaiting final licensure from the Cannabis Control Commission before commencing operations.

The best way to contact Shine Delivery LLC is info@shinedelivery.com

Shine Delivery LLC will deliver to Massachusetts residents ages 21 and above.

Shine Delivery LLC will be delivering cannabis for recreational use.

Shine Delivery LLC will be delivering Apotho Therapeutics products. Before we begin delivering you can purchase products in house at Apotho Therapeutics at 119 Washington Street Plainville, MA 02762 


Yes, Shine Delivery LLC will have all required licenses from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission before commencing operations. 

Yes, at Shine Delivery LLC all of our clients information will be confidential.

Shine Delivery LLC will be delivering cannabis in an unmarked vehicle with two registered agents. 

We are still working out the payment process but plan to allow for cash purchases or online purchases.

Absolutely. We will need to see state issued ID before initiating the sale of cannabis products.


Delivery of adult-use marijuana or marijuana products by a delivery-only licensee or a Marijuana Establishment with a delivery endorsement is geographically limited to the municipality identified as the Marijuana Establishment licensee’s place of business; any municipality which allows for retail sales within its borders whether or not a retailer is operational; or any municipality which, after receiving notice from the Commission, has notified the Commission that delivery may operate within its borders. Only entities that have completed the specific application process and secured a delivery license from the Commission will be permitted to deliver.

Shine Delivery LLC plans to operate in-between the hours of 8am-9pm Monday-Sunday which is what the Cannabis Control Commission allows.

If you are over 21 years old, you may possess up to one ounce of marijuana on your person, except that not more than five grams of marijuana may be in the form of marijuana concentrate. In your home, you may possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana and any marijuana produced by plants cultivated on the premises. Any amount of marijuana or marijuana products over one ounce kept within your place of residence must be secured by a lock.  Failure to keep marijuana and marijuana products in excess of one ounce locked up within the home may be punished by a civil penalty of up to $100 and forfeiture of the marijuana. See Penalties for Violations.

For more information regarding rules & regulations please visit the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s website.